Veggie Burgers at YoYo

February 23, 2015 YoYo-Blog

Did you know that the veggie burger, by name, was created in London in 1982 by Gregory Sams who called it the ‘VegeBurger’.

Here at YoYo burger we like to spoil our customers with a nice selection of burgers! Currently we have 5 awesome veggie burgers on our menu for our customers to choose from – yoyo veggie, halloumi, veggie habaneros, spicy bean and the falafel. These burgers are all low in fat and cholesterol and of course super veggie friendly.

Our veggie burgers are potato-based patties, all served with fresh lettuce, red onions and vine ripened tomatoes, and we take care in the making of these burgers to ensure it’s suitable for you to enjoy.

We always welcome comments on what our customers think of our burgers and if they feel we can improve them to make them extra delicious.

Love, the YoYo team.