YoYo Burger – Best Burgers in Bristol

December 19, 2014 YoYo-Blog

Fancy a healthy Beef burger? Try a Wagyu burger at YoYo Burger.

While fat is generally regarded as being the course of obesity and heart disease, the fat contained in Wagyu meat is actually believed to be quite healthy.

Why you ask? It contains the same family of healthy oils which are also found in fish. In particular, Wagyu contains large amounts of Oleic acid, and Oleic acid is the main element found in olive oil.

Try out one of the best burgers in Bristol here at YoYo Burger – 6oz ground wagyu beef with caramelised onion, white truffle alioli and cheese.

Like to know more about Wagyu beef watch this link http://www.jibtv.com/programs/wagyu2014/